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Aqua Club Upper Lounge Booking


If you wish to book the Aqua Club Upper Lounge for an event, please review the information below and then visit Steve – and only Steve - during one of his regularly scheduled shifts – please see below for exact shifts.

If you wish, you may download the booking forms here and fill them out before you visit Steve. Please submit only the first two pages. Please be sure to bring your two cheques & liability insurance (if you wish to serve alcohol) along with the forms when you come in.

The following time slots are available for booking the Upper Lounge:

  • Morning (10am - 4pm).
  • Evening (4pm - 10pm)
  • All day (10am - 10pm).

Please contact Steve for room booking rates for each time block. A security deposit of $200.00, in the form of a cheque only (payable to Salus Aqua Club), is required - in addition to your booking fee - in order to book. Your cheque will be kept with your booking documents and only cashed in the event that something is broken, you do not clean up after yourselves, rules and by-laws are not followed, etc..

Please note: ALL payments (fee and deposit) must be paid before the booked date and either the fee or deposit must be paid at the time of booking or the date will still be considered available to other residents.

In order to book the space you must be one of the following:

  • Owner of the unit who is registered on the title.
  • Spouse of an Owner (who resides in the Strata Lot but who is not registered on title).
  • Legal tenant, whose name was provided to the applicable Strata Corporation on the “Form K - Notice of Tenant’s Responsibilities”.

If you wish to have alcohol at your event, please note the following:

  • Alcohol will NOT BE SOLD under any circumstances.
  • Alcohol may be consumed without a liquor license, however proof of liability insurance MUST be provided with no exceptions. If proof of liability is not provided within 24 hours of the confirmed booking, then the event will be cancelled and the date will be put back up for grabs.
  • If you choose not to provide proof of insurance and are caught with alcohol (Aqua Club Staff will periodically check), your event will be shut down, and all guests asked to leave immediately. NO exceptions.

All bookings are taken on a “First come – first served” basis - NO holds, tentative bookings or penciling you in. This means that the first person to visit Steve with payment will be allowed to book the date, no exceptions. Bookings will not be made or held via email or over the phone.

If a date you would like is already booked, then you may ask to be put on the wait list for that date. This list does not guarantee you the date, it simply guarantees you will be the first person notified in the event that the requested date becomes available again. If the date becomes available and you are notified, then you would still need to be the first person to visit Steve with your money in order to secure the date. If you have not visited Steve by the end of his next working day then he will notify the next person on the list as well.

Steve’s Shifts & Contact Info:

Evenings: 6:15pm-10pm

Days off: As scheduled & STAT Holidays

Contact: 778.578.7119 or


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